Christmas Song for Cousins

I can’t believe it’s a week until Christmas is here – unbelievable!! 2014, especially at the start of the academic which is September for me, has gone terribly fast and now we’re about to end yet another year. I still can’t get my head around this at the moment, it’s too weird.

Anyway, today’s post will be a very short one because I will post a video here. It’s made for my cousins back home in Indonesia and kinda expresses my longingness for them and I miss them like “craaaazy”. So without further ado, I present to you my rendition of Judy Garland’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (hope you enjoy!):

GCSE Textiles Coursework (AQA)

Long time no post, I know! Those of you doing GCSE Textiles and need some guidance, I’m going to give you a treat (no pun intended *cough* Halloween *cough*). I’m not sure in terms of AQA’s specification now as they might have changed but this was how I had to do it (20 pages was the requirement) in 2010/11. The video above is how I presented these pages and below is just a clearer image of each page. Please try not to copy what I’ve written word for word. I hope this really helps anyone doing the subject regardless of the board!

P.S I realised that, after taking photos of these just now, yes it does get progressively worse as you scroll down the page so I’m warning you now…

Page 1

Page 1 – Design Context

Page 2 - Mood Board

Page 2 – Mood Board

Page 3 - Shop Profile

Page 3 – Shop Profile

Page 4 - Product Analysis

Page 4 – Product Analysis

Page 5 - Research Analysis and Design Spec

Page 5 – Research Analysis and Design Spec

Page 6 - Ideas

Page 6 – Ideas

Page 7 - Chosen Designs

Page 7 – Chosen Designs

Page 8 - Chosen Designs

Page 8 – Chosen Designs

Page 9 - Coloured Designs

Page 9 – Coloured Designs

Page 10 - Development Plan

Page 10 – Development Plan

Page 11 - Development Stage: Colour

Page 11 – Development Stage: Colour

Page 12 - Development Stage: Construction

Page 12 – Development Stage: Construction

Page 13 - Development Stage: Shape

Page 13 – Development Stage: Shape

Page 14 - Fabric and Component Choice

Page 14 – Fabric and Component Choice

Page 15 - Final Design

Page 15 – Final Design

Page 16 - Manufacturing Spec

Page 16 – Manufacturing Spec

Page 17 - Product Plan

Page 17 – Product Plan

Page 18 - Production Record

Page 18 – Production Record

Page 19 - Testing and Comparing

Page 19 – Testing and Comparing

Page 20 - Evaluation

Page 20 – Evaluation

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea

26 September – 12 October

For those of who live in the UK and have a lot of spare time to spend, why not come to Bournemouth during the next two weeks? Apart from the beach, which you probably won’t be able to get your tan on as summer is coming to a close, Bournemouth holds an annual arts event that consists of live performances, acts, art, music and much more. Art, music, film and performing arts lovers should definitely make a note of this on their calendars and make sure they’re not missing out!

Yesterday we started off with a few acts and visuals including a live mermard performance at the Pier approach, Compagnie Carabosse which is a landscape filled with a lot of fire, Ramshacklicious at the Pier approach and a Vintage Mobile Cinema. Today, expect a lot more acts, music and art as the town will be joining together as a community to celebrate what the art world has to offer and to have a lot of fun. There’s also a Festival Fringe to look out for, mainly happening in Boscombe so definitely have a watch out for that.

Compagnie Carabosse

Compagnie Carabosse



Oyster Pleasance

Oyster Pleasance

If you’re thinking of coming down to Bournemouth to visit some of the events happening at Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, then make sure you spend a good time planning where you’re staying, how long you’re staying here for and which events you’ll be going to. Most events are free but some have tickets you’d need to buy from All the events happening in the two weeks will also be in the website mentioned and there will be a programme book you can get for free around town.

If you’re around Bournemouth already then make the most of these two weeks. You would not want to miss out on these events!

Body Shop Haul

It’s time for another haul! This time it will be a mini haul from The Body Shop and my stuff came through today (07/08/14) and I couldn’t wait to open it and share with you all. You can either (or both) watch the video below, which will be uploaded at the weekend, and/or continue reading this page. Personally, I think that I can only spend so much in Body Shop as it is rather expensive and I know if you’re a student reading this, it is a pain financially. My order came to £20 ish which allowed me to have 35% off as well as free delivery – heck, I had to spend just a little bit more to get all the deals I can! #studentlife

(place video here)

Tea Tree Oil – £7


BB Cream – £12


Coconut Body Butter – £5


Vitamin E Cream – £5


Articles for The Untold Magazine

Issue 5:

If you haven’t known already, apart from writing on this blog and making videos on Youtube, I also write for other companies such as this one, The Untold Magazine. I also write for two more companies: one a fashion online magazine/blog and the other an events company which I will link my articles on another post.

If you have the time, please check out these articles and my articles will be on the contents pages. Hope you enjoy reading!

Issue 6: 

Fashion Tutorials: Ep 1

Upcycling a Dress

This is the first episode of Fashion Tutorials that are about to come very soon! I’m excited to this series of just videos of how-to’s and some hacks in the fashion world and I’m hoping to make this a main priority besides all the blogging and article writing for companies. I also plan to do covers and sing my own songs that I’ve written but that will be on another post.

Today I’m going to take you through one way of upcycling something you love that doesn’t fit anymore or is a little too big into something that you’d want to keep forever in your wardrobe. Today’s episode faces the problem of having a dress that is ill fitting and just rather tight on some areas and solving this problem but just cutting and sewing stuff in some places.

I’ll show you step-by-step how you can create something old and tight into something worth keeping. The video below is the actual tutorial so if you want to watch that, please do! But I’ll take you through each step with drawings so you can closely see how it’s done.

p.s. Pictures will be placed on the next day. Meanwhile, you can watch the video for visuals.

Step 1

(place pic here)

Get your dress and scissors at the ready cos it’s about time to cut away those unwanted fabrics! Analyse your garment and see what ways you can alter it and then make the move to cut off any bits that you don’t want. It doesn’t matter if your cutting skills aren’t amazing – it doesn’t need to be! It might leave you with rough edges that could look totally cool for all you know.

Step 2

(place pic here)

This is the bit where you think you want to finish it like that or if you think it needs just a little more tweeking here and there. If you want to finish it off, the edges for the sleeves can go down either way:

  1. Leave it like that for a rock look
  2. Neaten the seams but folding it in (or out and then in, basically up to you) pinning it and sewing around the edges

Step 3

(place pic here)

If you’re not finished yet, you can cut the sleeves all off so you have none left (or with an inch or two around the armholes of the dress). You can leave it like it is now or neaten the edges using the method in the previous step. Or…

Step 4

(place pic here)

You can add a few fabrics to it – the exciting bit! If you have loads of spare cut-offs that will be great for this step. I have a lot in my room so it’s not hard finding something to add to my upcycling project. You can try experimenting by pinning on different fabrics to see which one(s) appeals to you most and then pin that one down around the hole completely and sew. You want to pin the right sides of the dress and fabric together and sew on the wrong side as it will look weird if it was the other way around. And when it is pulled inside out, it will look how it’s supposed to look. And voila! Your new-ish dress!

If you’d like to alter your dress further, I’ve sketched out a few drawings of how you can do that! Different ways of doing it result in different looks. The possibilities are endless!

(place pic here)